The Real Reason for the War In Iraq

I read today in an article on MSN that gas wasn't expensive enough yet and I have read it before in previous articles. The experts claim that if gas were four dollars a gallon...perhaps raised to that level by additional taxation on top of inflated war prices...that it would finally be at a price level that would allow Americans to survive on thier own oil production, without relying on the Middle East for oil. (I would cite the URL for the article but it is just plain ridiculous...sigh)

The fact is that it would force poor Americans to do without gasoline while for the rich the cost of the gas for their Mercedes would be fairly immaterial. The sad fact is that Americans won't learn unless they are hit in the pocketbooks. Apparently enough people simply don't care that periodically we have to fight wars to stabilize governments that we are dependant upon for oil. I guess they figure...what are a few lives lost as long as I get to drive my Hummer? Besides without wars there wouldn't have BEEN a Hummer...right? Excellent reasoning...sigh.

--The Clever Cynic,

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