The Clever Cynic--Survivor Fiji: Yau he a Genius?

In tonights Survivor episode, Yau Man made perhaps the boldest move in Survivor History.

Yau Man, The Clever Cynic's pick for the final spot, proved stringy enough to win the reward challenge and snagged the prize of a 2008 Ford F350. Then, in a decisive trade, offered it to Dre in exchange for the immunity idol should Dre win it if just four remain in the competition. I think Yau Man's motivation was twofold:

1. He sincerely wanted Dre to have a car since he didn't have one. (What a great guy.)

2. He wanted to gain leverage to advance in the game.

He then exiled himself to exile island so that he:

1. Didn't offend a potential member of the jury.

2. Allowed himself the privilege of looking for the clue to the immunity idol.

Immediately following the move, Dre began campaigning to have Yau Man eliminated before his promise of giving the immunity idol to Yau Man would ever come into play. (What a nice way to repay Yau Man.)

There was a flaw in Yau Man's strategy, so it will be interesting to see how it plays out.

1. He failed to require Dre to promise not to vote against him in that night's immunity challenge, forcing him to play his immunity idol.

A lot will depend upon Yau Man's alliance with Earl who now holds the only immunity idol.

Is he stringy enough to win the remaining challenges? Did his bold move leave him wide open in next week's elimination? It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

--The Clever Cynic,

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