The Clever Cynic: How to Succeed with Women, part 1

When I was in college the question I was asked the most by other men was how do you manage to date so many women. I never told them, .... ;) .... because we were competing for the SAME women. (I know, I know, I can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.) ;) This is why you generally won't find out on-line how to make money from your website. No one who is sane is REALLY going to tell you on-line, (or off-line I suppose) because you are competing for the same slice of the Internet pie.

I was watching "Gene Simmon's Family Jewels" the other night and he was "helping" a friend's nephew learn to meet women. What Gene was forgetting is that most people are not rock stars, incredibly wealthy or famous. I am assuming that you are none of these things, because if you were you would not need my advice.

First of all.......the best advice I ever heard, and I heard it early on fortunately, is that with women you just have to have that confidence. It doesn't hurt to be fit, well-groomed and healthy looking either.

So here we go:

1. Be sure before you approach or break the ice. If a woman does not make eye contact with you or HOLD eye contact with you when you look her way (and you should make eye contact OBVIOUS, without leering, that you are making eye contact) then don't bother. Gene Simmons covered this aspect very well in his show.....another reason to tune in (see earlier post)

2. If you see the woman all the time and know you will see her again, keep the first session SHORT, get her name (full name if possible) and repeat her first name before you part ways. Let HER do most of the talking. Repeat... let HER do most of the talking. Questions are a good way to do this.....questions about HER (after all she is her favorite subject). Before you go make ONE not gush. In fact be slightly cocky and keep smiling. Do not talk about your computer or anything geeky.

3. If you know you won't see her again........CLOSE THE least get her number ........even better make plans.

4. HAVE A PLAN. I can't emphasize that is hard to argue with the man with the plan. Most people are lazy and love to have someone else do the planning. (Not a bad philosophy either for just about every avenue you take toward success)

5. The next meeting say her full name and touch her arm to get her attention...but not on the bare skin. ;) Practice saying her name in the shower or something where you won't be thought insane if you are overheard. You should be able to get just the right tone to where it sounds like seeing her is enjoyable but not gushy. Include a charming smile and get just the right savoring inflection in your voice...keep your voice low ....don't squeak. ;).. and maintain eyecontact. (I know...a lot do to all at once... so practice first on women you don't really want to date)....(I know, I know it is a terrible thing to do ..... but if I won't say it who else will?) ;) Actually it is not a bad idea to keep that philosophy......even with the ones you want to date. Just consider them practice, then you won't feel bad if they say no. ;)

6. Learn to determine if a woman is interested without committing YOURSELF. The BEST LINE you can use is, "are you seeing anybody?" If she an emphatic "YES," then you know not to bother...well unless you are better-looking than the guy she is dating.......and bigger ;). She is either telling the truth or is lying...either way you win ... you don't get rejected. ;) Afterall, she is "taken."

If she says no ..... make your move.....ask for her number, or better yet make the very least get her NUMBER.

7. Be funny... can't emphasize that enough.

8. Don't be in a rush.......if you know you see her often. Act interested for a while, then ignore her for a while. This drives women NUTS. If she is interested she will find a way to get your wandering around in a swimsuit outside ;). I have ignored women before and had them show me photos of themselves wearing a bikini, or let me catch them as the "happened" to be looking at sexy clothes in a magazine and made sure I saw them looking at it. Some who lived nearby found excuses to be literally capering around outside in a bikini. On again, off again, interest in a woman is your best way to get them really interested.... try it ;).

8. Most important of all don't become her buddy. Being a "friend" first is the best way to clobber romance. We aren't that many generations from the cavemen ;). I doubt cavemen became the woman's best friend first, let her cry on your shoulder about her ex, or washed and waxed her car first.

Well that is enough advice for now....I will help you fine tune it in some later posts. This ought to be enough to get you started ;). Good luck.

Remember the number one mistake most men make is to pay TOO MUCH ATTENTION to a woman.... you want to be ....on again ... off again... it is all about rhythm.;)

--The Clever Cynic,

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