The Clever Cynic: Cynical TV: LOST...a Theory

I never cease to be amazed by the complexity of the LOST television series. It is a totally engrossing times I actually feel lost, right along with the survivors. As I watch my theory of the true meaning of the island and its inhabitants shifts constantly. It is like being lost in a MMORPG and the experience becomes both real and surreal.

In the latest episode, Ben reveals to John Locke the story of how he came to control the island. "Control," in the sense that Ben claims to be the sole liaison between "Jacob," the real commanding entity and the rest of the "others."

As the plot unfolds, John is taken to meet the mysterious Jason...but Jacob turns out to be invisible. A poltergeist-like disturbance shakes the abandoned cabin and a voice calls to John, supposedly the voice of Jacob, to "help me." I was left wondering if the voice was Ben's or Jacobs's.

From a Cynical perspective you have to love a show that makes you wonder if all of the inhabitants are subject to the whimsy of a schizophrenic with an imaginary friend.

Hmm.. wonder if John Locke is still alive?

I actually once worked with someone with an imaginary friend...sigh, so I can certainly understand what the inhabitants are going through as they wonder from one minute to the next what is going on around them.

My latest theory is that the inhabitants are on a romp through Jung's circles of synchronicity theory. For more info:

Certainly the original John Locke was a philosopher:

You may also want to check out this article ;).

Above all decide for yourself...

--The Clever Cynic,

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