The Clever Cynic--Jericho

The television show, "Jericho" is a cynic's dream come true. For those of you who haven't tuned in, it is set in post-apocalyptic United States. Well...United in the sense they are still on the same continent, but beyond that, it is now largely a fragmented mess...similar to our current tax system.

The town of Jericho, situated in Kansas, struggles to maintain some sense of identity and security in what has become a lawless universe that is reminiscent of the wild west...only now the guns are more powerful, the women look better (and probably do aerobics) and the men don't spit as much.

It is interesting to watch how the more humane qualities of civilization are slowly abandoned, or perhaps unmasked as the story unfolds about life as the town searches for a new identity.

I hope this series returns for next season so I can see things degenerate further and further into mayhem...

--The Clever Cynic,

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