Miley Cyrus Remix - Hannah Montana Is Now Miley Ray Cyrus -

As if Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana didn't already have enough names to remember, she officially changed her name on On January 29, 2008 to Miley Ray Cyrus after her father Billy Ray Cyrus of Achy Breaky Heart fame.

At least Miley Ray Cyrus didn't change her name to something like "The Artist Formerly Known as Miley Cyrus.";) I am assuming that Miley Ray Cyrus will stick to this name until she gets married and then we will have yet another name we have to list so we are sure everyone is sure who we are talking about...sigh.

For now at least, if you are still calling Miley Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, then you are out of the loop.;)

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