Ron Paul Girl - Ron Paul Girl Talks Sense About Hillary Clinton

Ron Paul Girl - Ron Paul Girl Talks Sense About Hillary Clinton

A large-majority of the intelligent members of the population, basically, the people who visit this blog everyday, are running scared...and rightfully so. They wake up in cold sweats each night with recurring nightmares that they have allowed the less-intelligent and savvy United States citizens to elect Hillary Clinton as their President.

It has become a mad scramble...people are trying to unite (see next post) to form a united front to try to bring sense to this fragmented-political race. The intelligent citizens realize that many people will be duped by the promise of social programs by those who want their vote. They realize that the result will just be more inefficient-social programs. They fear a President elected by those are taken in by the promise of even more "free" healthcare, thinking that it might save them a dollar...not realizing that in the long run they will pay more through the inefficiency of a government-run program and the ever-expanding national debt.

It is not too late. We don't have to settle for a President elected "just 'cause she is a woman" and because some are lured by promises of free doctor visits for kids. Unite Americans, Unite...before it is too late.;)

No one wants to appear to be against free stuff and Hillary Clinton is at least smart enough to know and exploit that to her advantage. Hopefully, enough Americans are smarter and don't trade away their future by saddling them with another huge, inefficient entitlement.

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