Britney Spears Sister Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant

New Breaking Britney Spears News - Britney Spears Sister Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant

Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of you guessed it, Britney Spears had a lot of people asking this question:

Does Jamie Lynn Spears have a boyfriend?

The answer...yes, Jamie Lynn Spears definately does have a boyfriend and is three months pregnant to boot.

How old is Jamie Lynn Spears?

The answer...yes, she is 16 years old and three months pregnant.

Jamie Lynn Spears broke the news to her mother and of course Britney Spear's mother on that made the holiday at the Britney Spears clan a memorable event.

Jamie Lynn Spears told OK magazine that her mom was at first upset but her mother is now supportive. Jamie Lynn Spears plans to raise the baby in Louisiana, so the baby can have a normal life. I am not extremely certain that Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears or any of the Spears family for that matter has a clue about the word "normal," but for the sake of the child, we will hope for the best.:D

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