Machine - Hillary Clinton Promotional Video - Comedy

Here is one of Hillary Clinton's political campaign advertisments. They ask why Republicans are attacking poor Hillary Clinton. They give a lot of maybe answers as to why she is under attack.

Let me offer a few of my own.:D

1. Maybe the attackers just happen to be Repblicans with brains, they have already experienced Hillary as first lady and have already seen more than enough.

2. Maybe they realize that if you try to lead "The Entire Country" through "compromise" that it will be a national disaster.;)

3. Maybe they attack Hillary because she offers so many opportunities.

4. Maybe they wouldn't mind a woman President...just not THIS woman President.;)

5. Maybe they can't stand Hillary's cackle.

6. Maybe Hillary Clinton gives them nightmares.

These are just a few of the possibilities...I am sure you can come up with many, many more of your own. Afterall, there is a lot of material there.;)

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