Evel Dick and Daniele Form the FInal Two for Big Brother 8 USA

Evel Dick and Daniele form the final two for Big Brother 8, so one of them is guaranteed the win in the end.

Zach gave it his best shot, but it wasn't enough and Evel Dick edged him out at the end to win Head of Household on tonight's Big Brother. As I have said all along, "blood is thicker than water" and the other houseguests were foolish to think they could ride Dick and Daniele's coattails and best them in the end. Congratulations, Evel Dick and Daniele. You both played mean and dirty, but you played the best game and that is all that counts. I don't necessarily like the way you played, but I can't deny that in the end you were the only two remaining and that is truly the only thing that matters.

All that remains is the vote...I seriously doubt that Evel Dick will win many votes. His rough play style combined with the fact that Daniele won so many of the competitions, I feel will ensure her the win.

For those of you who loyally came to read this coverage following each show, thanks and don't despair. I will be covering the other reality shows of merit throughout the coming year and look forward to sharing them with all of you.

The Clever Cynic

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