Big Brother 8 USA Episode 2 - 7/08/07 - Analysis

A few days ago, I kicked off Big Brother Coverage. If you missed the article, click here. Tonight we had a "food competition." (i.e. a feeble excuse to get everyone in swimsuits and rubbing each other with butter.) I must say it was most-clever.;) Amber proved the most useful with a crop of "big hair" that would make Dolly Parton blush with envy, while Jen was next to useless with her four strands of hair and Nick was totally useless because his hair simply could NOT hold any more oil.;) Hopefully he wins HOH soon and Big Bro gives a huge HINT in his care package by packing it only with various brands of SHAMPOO. Perhaps it is a clever ploy on his part to land a huge deal with some shampoo producer after the show and they can show what he looks like when they finally clean him up.

Kail had won head of household last episode and the question was, is the self-proclaimed, "multi-business owner" up to the task.

I must say Kail has started off strong. Perhaps TOO strong, but to her credit, the woman knows her moves and managed to nominate without it seeming personal in any way. I am sure it was QUITE personal, but she managed to come up with a plausible formula that fit her objective. (insert canned applause here). She nominated Carol and Amber who had been the first two eliminated in the original HOH competition. Carol and Amber are smart choices because the younger-girl group numbers six in all and neither has a "rival" in the house. This may not be the BEST strategy because the "rivals" are patching things up FAST and share a history, however shaky.;) I think Kail figures that Jen will self destruct and if she doesn't, all Kail has to do is point out Jen's portrait photo on the house wall to push her over the brink. As you remember, Jen, the self-proclaimed "model" isn't exactly the most-photogenic female in the house and that isn't saying much about the others either.;)

Kail nominated two of the female house guests for eviction without seeming to go against the "young-girl group." Further, she, as I pointed out a few days ago, realized that the "young-guy alliance" would be hurting for enough members to have much staying power and in a savvy move rallied the three into an alliance that seems to put them all in the pink. The alliance seems allright for now, but too much organization and power mongering early on has never been a formula for success. My guess is that if one of the "girl group" gets HOH next time around Kail will be right up for eviction.

Tonight, everyone started in setting up their role in the house.

Dustin seemed to become, "The Listener." He is spending a lot of time with the other guests and trying to work things out with Joe, even to the extent the two had a chat in the hammock...sigh. If he can teach Joe to shut up and stop shouting about about sexually transmitted diseases at the top of his lungs around people he shares a swimming pool and bathing facilities with, or if Dustin can get him eliminated, he may do OK. In fact, as the "girl group" starts to dwindle and starts looking for reinforcements, these two may be in the power seat between two alliances if they can play their cards right.

Mike seems to be "The Strategist." He suggested a way for Kail to work out a way to nominate two of the girl group for eviction and not seem to be going after them.

Evil Dick (sigh): "The Promoter" If he can stop calling himself "Evil Dick" and can stop all the name-dropping, he may do quite well. His daughter, Daniele, seems to be warming up to an alliance with good-old dad and together those two may be a force.

Danielle: "The Skater" I think Danielle isn't going to go whole hog for either an alliance with dad or with the girl group just yet. I see her sitting on the fence until a few more of the pieces fall into place.

Jessica: "The Student" and no, I don't mean college. She is still stuck in middle school mentally and that may server her quite well the house takes on a decidedly immature feel over time. I must say Jessica has the skills in that arena. In addition I noticed tonight that she has SMOKING hot legs so that doesn't hurt either.;) (It is my job to notice these things so I can keep you "informed.") ;) Did anyone else notice that Jessica had to suppress a giggle and a smirk at the others when she realized she was safe? I must say I am beginning to like her.;)hehe

Amber: "The Naive," is also trying for "The Provider." (but no one is having it.) When she was nominated Amber expressed surprise, saying, "I thought Kail wouldn't nominate me because we are both moms." What a HOOT. Apparently Amber somehow forgot that Kail was the only one to remain seated and leave a pregnant woman standing, swaying to the movement of the bus, with her amniotic fluid swashing around so loud you can't hear the motor of the bus.;) Yeah, the woman definately has a heart.;) By the way, did anyone besides me notice that Kail definately has a lot of "junk in her trunk?" :O

Kail: "The Powerplayer." Despite her "curvy" figure (cough, cough), I am not fooled for a second by those baggy shorts;) , the woman can play a mean game. Too mean too early?

Carol: "The Tourist." I think that during most of the strategizing, Carol must have been unpacking her bags. She strikes me as one of those people who actually uses the drawers in hotel rooms that they visit. (sigh)

Eric: "Chicken George Jr." Hello Chicken George if you happen to read this.;) Eric is out doing his chicken impersonation and I must say I can go a lifetime without ever seeing it AGAIN. Our house mole seems popular though, but seems a bit left out of the "guy alliance." This week the viewers have to decide what person Eric tells a phony life story to as a part of our "viewer participation." I say we have him tell Jessica. I highly doubt she would remember it for more than three seconds unless he borrows five dollars and fails to repay the loan.

Jen: "The Crybaby." Lets face it, the girl doesn't have much modeling potential. I have seen fish with more volume to their hair than this girl has (sigh) and I haven't seen boxier shoulders since Lelia Ali in Dancing with the Stars. And that photo...well you saw it, need I say more? But, to start bawling over a group photo, pretty much made her look like a fool. If she is there to build a "modeling career," as I suspect she is, the last thing on earth she want to do is point out just how bad it sucks.;)

Jameka: The Counselor." I think she should start leaving her job at the office and play it a bit tougher if she wants to win.;)

Joe: "The Mess." Joe is just a mess. (sigh) If he shouts about gonorrhea one more time I am going to scream.

Zach: "The Strong Silent Type" He is playing it cool, thinks he is in a good alliance but may just prove a pawn to the powerplayers in the group.

Nick: "The Jock" Nick, Nick, Nick. What are we going to do with you? There are probably 10,000,000 hot chicks watching this show....WASH YOUR HAIR.

There you go. My analysis of Big Brother Episode 2 (or as I like to call it "more than you ever wanted to know about BB8");)

--The Clever Cynic

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