The Cast Analysis - Big Brother 8 USA Early Show Houseguest Preview - YouTube Video

Big Brother kicked off tonight. I must say I love this show. Take people and lock them in a house and mess with their minds. What more could you ask? This season, real-life rivals.;) See the lineup here.

1. Amber, single mom from Las Vegas. Cute, but just cute. She will probably lay low for a while and play it smart. She is from Sin City, so I have no doubt she knows her way around. You learn it all in Vegas.;)

2. Mick, a bit overconfident (the ladies didn't seem too impressed) for a ex-wannabe football hero who forgot to wash his hair for a debut on national TV...sigh.

3. Jen, HOT, but not as hot as she thinks, the hair could use some work, the shoulders are a bit boxy and she is a bit full of herself.;) I imagine that the others will see her hotness as a threat and send her packing soon...we'll see.

4. "Evil Dick," one of the "rivals." Sometimes a name truly says it ALL. SIGH. The gals seem to want to play the comfort card to "protect" his daughter from Dick's evil ways so he may not last long unless he manages a quick alliance.

5. Jessica, another of the "rivals." She is still all worked up over a 5 dollar debt welch that took place in highschool. She may mentally still BE in highschool, but the show takes on a "highschool" quality so she may last a while.

6. Joe. What can I even say about a guy who told on the first night on national TV that he had had a STD that he thinks he got from his rival, Dustin, in the house...Charming. (SIGH)

7. Kail, mom and self-proclaimed "multi-business owner." Overconfident and made the mistake of winning HOH the first night. I don't see her lasting long and if she brags about being a "multi-business owner" one more time I am going to barf. I have a feeling she can be tough though, let's find out HOW tough.

8. Jameka may last a while. Seems to have bonded with the girls early on and has some people skills. May last a while.

9. Eric, the People's house mole. Supposedly at the beck and call of the fans is a bit of a wildcard. Hard to predict since he is supposed to be a puppet of the people. He is a bit geeky, but seems intelligent. It will be interesting to see how he fares. I can't imagine the American Public being a "hidden mastermind," but we can see how it plays out.

10. Zach may have trouble forming an alliance. It will be interesting to see if he can hook up with the winning team.

11. Danielle works at Hooters. YES. A bit anorexic and fairly cute. Gotta love a girl from Hooters.;) If she plays the "protect me from Evil Dick" card right she may last a LONG time.

12. Mike will probably group up with the younger guys. Be hard to win though because this season they are outnumbered in a way.

13. Dustin may be the odd man out as far as alliances go unless the 3 "rivals" manage some kind of pact. As you can see his mouth might get him in trouble.;)

14. Carol may do quite well in the girl group if she can mash things out with her "rival."

There you go, my take on this season's houseguests.;)

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