Talking about the SImple Life, Paris Hilton and her Sidekick um... Nicole

Speaking of Paris Hilton...

I am a HUGE fan of reality television. I just can't get enough of it. Why? Because I just never tire of watching people compete in a totally contrived environment. I enjoy watching the dynamic unfold as "friendships" and "alliances" form. As the show progresses the sharks inevitably come out and slowly devour their friends and destroy those who trusted them. It is like watching a goldfish bowl filled with those fish you win at carnivals by tossing ping pong balls and suddenly someone tosses a piranha in there. Then everyone who tried to play "fair" complains...and the one who sold them out goes home with the cash..... some people never learn and I never tire of watching. I always learn something from the piranha. ;)

The Simple Life isn't truly a reality show but it is well-worth watching (but just ONCE). If you burn your hand on the stove once do you ever want to do it again? I hope the producers didn't name it that because they think Paris Hilton is "simple." That would be mean. I think it is someones idea of what a reality show would be like if Paris Hilton (and oh yeah her sidekick Nicole) ever got in touch with reality. It gives you a great insight into our culture and shows you just how desparate Americans are for entertainment. If you want more details you can find them here at Wikipedia:

--The Clever Cynic

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