The Clever Cynic: Reality TV Worth Watching--Shear Genius

Bravo TV on their site for "Shear Genius" says about their host for the show...
"for more than three decades Jaclyn Smith has held the public's interest." She does a fair (if a bit stiff) job of hosting the show. To her credit she holds her own opinion as a judge and doesn't let the rest of the judges override her opinion.

What they fail to mention is that Jaclyn Smith seems to have essentially the SAME hairstyle she had 30 years ago. ;) Hopefully, the show's finale is to give Jaclyn a new look. ;)

That aside, the show is worth watching.....

1. It is packed with tons of cute models strutting their stuff on the runway sporting new looks. ;)

2. There are some definate personalities among the contestants. Several sharks swimming the waters on this one--so the end-game should be interesting. (I pick Tyson and Tabatha for the final two). Tyson wasn't too smart yanking Tabatha's chain early on (she seems to be one TOUGH cookie) when he chose the order for stylists to choose if he is smart, he won't let her near anything important while she is carrying those shears.

--The Clever Cynic,

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