Lost Season Finale...Some Thoughts

Tonight was the season finale of LOST...Charlie got overconfident and didn't think to don the scuba gear...sigh...(just in case the station flooded.) There was a corpse lying nearby with a oxygen tank...I was thinking hmm...INSURANCE. Then, when the station began to flood, it seemed unnecessary for Charlie to close to hatch when the window was breached by the grenade... the implication was that it was an act of bravery to save Desmond...but Desmond had swum DOWN why not just swim back UP? Actually, once the place flooded, all the equipment would have shorted out and shutting down the signal would have become irrelevant.

Charlie's heroics, however, did glean a bit of information for the survivors...Naomi is not who she claims to be...is she perhaps a plant as a part of a TRULY elaborate plot by the others? Is she, as Ben told Jack, a part of a group bent on annihilation of all the island's inhabitants? (Good luck to them when they try to kill off John Locke...he seems to just laugh at death.) Are they trying to prove that Juliet is trustworthy after all? The flash forward featuring Jack seems to imply that there is eventual rescue...is it like Desmond's flashes where it may or may not come true? Is it truly a flash forward or the imaginings of Jack as he realizes Ben's wisdom that there may not be a life for Jack off the island?

I suppose all this and more will be answered next season...and I am sure more questions posed than answers revealed.;)

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