Mmorpg review: Star Wars Galaxies Online

I read an article today that told about Star Wars fans that were celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first Star Wars Movie by sitting in a theater for 17 hours to watch all 6 Star Wars Movies...that would be a bit long for me to sit in once place.

For those wanting an entertaining on-line game this summer, Star Wars Galaxies might be worth a fresh look. I played at launch and enjoyed the game, despite the lackluster reviews at the time. Now, a few years later, the game is still going strong. My sister decided to give the game a try recently and from what she describes, the game is now very polished, exciting to play and packed with content.

So if you are looking for an inexpensive way to pass the summer, Star Wars Galaxies might well be worth a second look.

--The Clever Cynic,

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