Reality TV: Survivor Fiji

Is it just me?... or has anyone else noticed that Survivor is becoming a bit of a stretch? There are too many potential immunity idols floating about to make predicting the outcome of the competition enjoyable (the facet of reality television that I enjoy the most). The game this season seems more of a crap shoot than an elimination. We now have the immunity necklace, a multitude of immunity idols, and....oh yes.... individual immunity. I am wondering what is left to add in terms of immunity for next season......maybe the immunity codpiece? I can just see the look on Jeff Probt's face when they decide to hand that one over before the vote...especially if they have worn it a while.

If things play out the way I think they will I see Yau Man as the one to beat as the competition heads down the final stretch (if he has enough grit to outlast in the final challenge). For some reason when I picture a really gritty survivor type, the mental image I form doesn't look exactly like Yau Man. Granted, Yau Man is popular....most of the cast named him as the one they would chose if they had to be really stranded on a desert island; however, I just can't quite picture him as someone I would choose to rescue a loved one if they were taken prisoner.

--The Clever Cynic,

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