The Clever Cynic--Reality Television: The Bachelor

Sometimes the best things we watch or view are the worst. "The Bachelor," a reality television show on ABC is one of those rare gems that is just so sickening it is actually entertaining. The plot isn't taxing so you can "watch" it while you do other stuff like wash your dog or cut those balls of fuzz off of your sweaters. (Does anyone still even wear sweaters?)

The scenario is simple...25 women compete for one man. I have to say NOW you have my attention. ;) This show is thoroughly worth least the first night. After that you can tune in the first 10 minutes until you feel like you are about to puke again and tune back out. I really would watch dogs puke on television if I thought I would learn something. Actually, I think I watched wolves on National Geographic feed their young once by puking, so in a way I have actually done that. Just think of The Bachelor as an educational program about women except you do the puking. Besides some of the women are hot so that is an added bonus. ;)

It is refreshing to watch because women, who are USUALLY much better at relationships than men, are forced to take the role of aggressor. They immediately begin to do all of the things they claim they hate when men do them. ;) It is refreshing to watch because men act like fools over women all the time so there would be nothing to learn from that. Between making fools of themselves both physically and emotionally they try to claw the eyes out of the other women...apparently this makes for good television.

I do get a little suspicions though about the bachelors they choose. What rich, athletic, good-looking guy (and is usually a doctor to boot) has THAT MUCH TROUBLE finding a girlfriend? Hmm, he needs to read this blog apparently. On the same note, what reasonably attractive women in the USA can't find a guy? My mouth literally falls open when I try to fathom it. Oh sorry I forgot they are looking for Mr. Perfect .....I guess that is why they call it "reality television." It is the only place you can find anyone perfect.

--The Clever Cynic,

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