The Clever Cynic: On Education, The War and the Uselessness of it All

The last post acually contained BAD advice. Well, not about misusing the word "impact," that was excellent advice. The bad advice was, "go back to school."

Why? (sigh...people ALWAYS have to ask why.) (Ever notice with little kids every other word is "why?") (I love to editorialize.)

1. The United States is in a steady state of decline. Don't believe me? Look around...there is crime everywhere, our cities are crumbling and there are shows like, "The Bachelor" on television. Why is our once mighty nation in a state of decline? Our schools suck. (Well someone had to say it, or maybe no one would ever notice.)

2. Our schools suck because they are redundant. I studied Huckleberry Finn five times during my stay in school.......YES FIVE TIMES. My, "Huckleberry Finn as a Noble Savage" paper is probably still floating around on some college campuses. Besides that, Huckleberry Finn has to be the most useless waste of paper that was ever published. Did you know Twain actually abandoned it for a while it stank so bad and returned years later to finish it...(probably to make a buck). Even then in finished form it is such a stinking pile of literary pigslop, that it makes Forest Gump look like genius material.

3. Way too much emphasis on American History. They (who is this famous "they" anyway?) say that we study history to learn from it so we never make the same mistakes. I studied American History FIVE times on my journey toward being what I am today. Did we learn how to FINISH a war from studying Vietnam? Many aspects of History as we know it are fiction anyway. Besides, who gives a rat's arse when we signed the cotton treaty of year whatever?

4. Our schools are still stuck in the dark age of education. With the current curriculum (and standards) a really-talented teacher can still create a pretty decent school in an old barn with 25 slates and 100 good books. ;) The world has shifted is now a world of crumbling infrastructure and booming interconnectivity. Universities and Colleges were necessary because they held a wealth of information in their libraries...information that is now readily available online. They served as a forum for the exchange of ideas. All this takes place at light speed now on the internet and it is time our schools began to recognize this. The future masters of our universe will be the ones who are able to manage and manipulate data the fastest and most efficiently.

5. The schools place too little emphasis on the arts. Graphics and multimedia are the wave of the future...yet most schools now don't even offer art or music. But thank God we at least have Huckleberry Finn.

Our schools are a sad state of affairs.......sigh

--The Clever Cynic,


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