The Clever Cynic: Reality Television Shear Genius

Tyson and Tabitha (it has a nice ring to it doesn't it?) were voted off Shear Genius last night. The cute couple both dyed their hair black and were last seen atop a wedding cake at a Goth wedding for the asexual.

Questions to ponder...

1. Did anyone else notice that Tyson and Tabitha looked like a married couple? Married couples over time start to look and act like each other...same hair, same look, same hatred, same EGO, same dislike of sunlight. The ironic thing was it was a show about wedding hair. Had they done the bride, maid of honor and mother of the bride with the same style they (Tyson and Tabitha) would have at least matched.

2. Why is Jacklyn Smith HOSTING THIS SHOW??? I touched on this in an earlier post but this needs more EMPHASIS. It is like watching a Mom leading a Girl Scout meeting, although she is a far cry above Todd Oldham the host of Top Design. A GOOD choice for next season would be Kelly Wearstler. Don't know who she is? She was one of the judges on Top Design, is a top interior designer, is SMOKING HOT, always wears different wild hair, has this voice that can shatter glass but is somehow very sexy and is a former centerfold...need I say more? Wanna know more? Google her. You won't be sorry she is one of the most-beautiful women in the universe. ;)

--The Clever Cynic,


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