The Clever Cynic: The Best of the Internet--Yahoo Answers

<---This is my buddy Dozer. What does he have to do with Yahoo Answers? Well, read on and I will tell you.
The Clever Cynic brings you the best of the Internet and tonight is no exception. For those of you who don't know, Yahoo Answers is a service brought to you by Yahoo. It is a place where you can go to find information that you are not able to find on your own, that you are just too lazy to find on your own, or are smart enough to have other people find FOR YOU.;) That is how I came to discover Yahoo Answers. The key to success is to have other people do your work for you...they call it capitalism and I think it is the greatest invention of all time. I capitalize upon Yahoo Answers all the time. :)
Yahoo Answers is amazing really. You pose a has to be SHORT (I think a bit too short for much flexibility) but I overlook this tedious aspect because people are about to do my work for me. Then you post your question...this part is risky because you have no idea what answer you might get. The fascinating thing is that you can set up a mail alert to notify you when the people who hang there decide to favor you with some question answer lovin'. I never have to wait more than a couple of minutes. The answers vary and there is usually one really excellent answer. In fact, you get to choose the best answer to your question and they are awarded points that lead to perks like judging other peoples answers and being a little Yahoo Answers Demi-God. You will be amazed how many answers you get...from both the gifted and the insane.
This trick-little service is not without a price. That is where my buddy Dozer comes in.;) Generally there is an asshat or two that will post something really obnoxious...that is why I take Dozer with me when I go there. ;) As you can see from his expression he "wuvs" me and you can imagine how little he likes people who don't. ;) One guy actually posted that, "he kills people like me." See that big smile on Dozer's face? He ate the little douchebag that posted that comment.
So grab your big-assed dog and go check out Yahoo Answers. It is a real blast...if you ignore the idiots, asshats and losers (which these days seems to be most of the people who don't read this blog.) Most of the answer junkies who post there are really cool and I highly recommend it.

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