Just What We Need...a Fight Club for Geeks and...What You Can't Learn in School

I was over looking through news at MSN and saw a headline about a fight club for geeks. (if you want to check out the actual article and view the video...knock yourself out ...pardon the pun... but don't say I didn't warn you, it contains violence and a bunch of geeks fighting...neither is a pretty sight IMO: http://video.msn.com/v/us/v.htm?g=A793D761-EF1A-424E-BDAE-D1B46A3EE437,DC49683F-E26A-49C6-93B7-7F31892274D0&t=c150&f=06/64&p=hotvideo_m_edpicks&fg=&GT1=9951) (yeah, I know that is an asinine URL but hey I didn't create it...I just posted it.)
Ok, so I go and check out the video against my better judgment...sigh. Well...that was the first mistake. The second mistake was sitting though the ad that they made me watch FIRST...sigh. It features some pukey kid informing his mom that he needs 60 cupcakes for, I assume, school the next day. First of all....at this point any SANE parent would be already writing the note to excuse the child's absence from school the next day. ;) Further, the child would learn a far more valuable lesson than he ever would by actually GOING to school that day with a bunch of stale cupcakes in a bag:..."If someone ropes you into some monumental task that you have to pass on to your family.......BLOW IT OFF." (They just can't teach valuable life lessons like that in a setting of formal education) ;). Some things you just have to learn AT HOME. (don't get me started on homeschooling though...I am saving that rant for another post.);) To take it one step further...go ahead and bake the cupcakes and teach the kid to sell them on E-bay.;)
Well....I waded through the ad (obviously with my mind churning) and made it to the first feature. The Geek Fighting Club. Immediately, my mind starts crying FOUL. First of all... no real geek makes it that far along in life without getting beat up so much that they learn some fighting skills....these guys had NONE. From there, it just went from bad to worse. So to save you the agony of actually watching this steaming pile...geeks can not fight. Even worse the commenter actually APOLOGIZED for calling these self-proclaimed geeks GEEKS...sigh. In a nutshell it just shows how distorted our society has become.
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