About Chasing Money With Sunken Treasure

I noticed tonight (I have this bad habit of noticing stuff...sigh) that one of the most searched terms was sunken treasure. I assume this is in the wake of the greatest treasure find of all time. ($500,000,000 or so depending upon the price of gold) According to this article...http://www.wkrn.com/nashville/news/richest-sunken-treasure-found-in-atlantic/96263.htm..."A real life sunken treasure is discovered in the Atlantic Ocean, something you usually only see in movies like Pirates of the Caribbean." I guess that has everyone off hunting for treasure.
Actually, there are worse things you can do I suppose. I am positive that there are many more treasures to be found...so if you are setting off to search...good luck. Actually if I had been thinking, I would have hinted some treasure could be found at a spot where I want to plant a tree........sigh.....guess it is too late for that...no one would believe it now.

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