Sarah Palin Resignation News - Sarah Palin Resignation Speech is Nonsense

Sarah Palin Resignation News - Sarah Palin Resignation Speech is Nonsense

The Sarah Palin Resignation Speech leaves me puzzled and cynical-

The Sarah Palin Resignation speech, as you can see from this youtube video of Sarah Palin's resignation speech leaves me wondering why she resigned, glad she did and even more grateful that this woman was on the losing ticket in the past-presidential election. (Actually, I am not glad that her ticket lost...any ticket had to be better than the Obama debacle, but if her side had to lose, at least they took her down with them for the fall.)

As you can see from Sarah Palin's heartfelt speech in the video, her speech is just about the biggest collection of gibberish ever compiled into a single YouTube video...and that took some doing.

I actually sat through this stinking-pile of cliche, rhetoric and nonsense three times. I finally decided that Sarah Palin was trying to tell us that she felt that her salary was a huge waste of taxpayer dollars...fortunately these were Alaskan-taxpayer dollars and so I could watch her speech without needing a barfbag. Ok, ok, I lied, I puked once but only during my first viewing of this video. The next two times I watched it I had to keep reminding myself that Alaskans had actually elected and paid this pathetic mess and then I felt better.

If you listen carefully, she really does seem to admit that she is pretty much useless as Governor and she is saving her state a ton of money that would be lost if she remains in that capacity.

I guess, having spent most of last year trying to run for another office, she realizes that she had pretty much let the state go to hell in a handcart while she was out farting around running for Vice President, becoming the target of countless YouTube spoof videos and squandering Alaskan tax dollars that were invested in her salary.

My guess is that Sarah Palin's political career is over. I can't imagine anyone giving her any serious political consideration following what has to be the biggest waste of taxpayer dollars in recent history.

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