LOST ABC Season 4 Promo - Ben Has Answers - ABC LOST Promo Video

LOST ABC Season 4 Promo - Ben Has Answers - ABC LOST Promo Video


Season 4 of LOST on ABC is underway and as you can see from this episode, Ben has answers. The show still raises as many questions as it answers and I am not a bit surprised that Ben has answers.

As we learned in the second episode of LOST - ABC season 4, Ben is the subject of the search conducted by task force led by a pilot who should have flown the now infamous Oceanic flight 815 that crashed and raised a ton of questions that probably will never be answered, even though Ben claims to have the answers.;)

Apparently, Ben isn't that well-liked off the island either (surprise, surprise) and it will be interesting to see just how the season unfolds. It was interesting to note tonight that both Ben and John Locke took note of the fact that Hugo knew the location of the cabin. I am assuming that it is the same cabin where Ben took John Locke to speak with Jacob. I guess this was a LOST Spoiler so if you read that last sentence forget that it said.:D

Another ABC LOST spoiler...as you can see from this LOST promo video, it says "Some will be saved...and some will not." hmmm

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