LOST - LOST Returns to ABC - Season 3 - LOST Comedy Video

LOST - LOST Returns to ABC for Season 3 - LOST Comedy Video

Tonight is the event that many have looked forward to for over a year. No, Hillary Clinton isn't dropping out of the Presidential Race and giving an endorsement to Ron Paul...the nation couldn't be that fortunate.;) Instead, LOST, returns to ABC for Season 3. LOST was my favorite show until it took a long hiatus and Terminator: Sarah Conner Chronicles took top honors, by stealing LOST's slot as my favorite series currently in production. (In case any of you actually care one iota about my favorite TV series.)

And, in case any of you want way too much information, my favorite series of all time is - Highlander. There is something about the idea that there "can be only one," that involves swordplay and decapitation that rocks my world.;)

Until tonight's season premiere of LOST Season 3 on ABC, this comedy video of LOST will have to suffice.;) Enjoy the season opener of LOST Season 3...I for one will be glued to the set. In the meantime... enjoy this cool video.

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