Dana Jacobson -

According to an article on the latimes.com, Dana Jacobson was suspended for remarks that she made at a roast for colleagues. Apparently, Dana Jacobson was a wee bit (can I say wee bit without offending anyone?) drunk and let fly with some insensitive comments of a religious nature.

I think that this video that calls for Dana Jacobson to be fired is EXTREME. First of all, she was participating in a ROAST. At a roast, it is assumed that it is a no-holds barred event where you can cast political correctness aside and let loose...all in the name of good fun. Now that I think of it, roasts are never fun, but she was at a ROAST...if you get the general premise.

Those being roasted are expected to take the comments in stride and the next day life goes on. It was afterall...A ROAST.

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