Youth Without Youth 2 - Youth Without Youth Movie Preview Video Trailer

Youth Without Youth Trailer 2 - Youth Without Youth Movie Preview Video Trailer - HD - Plot Summary and Review

An impressive Youth Without Youth video movie preview trailer in high definition that gives you a preview of the new movie Youth Without Youth.

The movie is based upon the book Youth Without Youth by Mircea Eliade. The plot revolves around a professor in the dark years before World War II.

Plot Summary: Mircea Eliade has spun an interesting story about the professor who gets to live life all over again who is pursued through Europe by the Nazis who want to discover his secret.

Francis Ford Coppola directed the film and it stars Tim Roth, Bruno Ganz, Andre Hennicke, Marcel Iures and Alexandra Maria Lara.

Youth Without Youth offers a unique plot and may be worth checking out when you find the time this holiday season.

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