Britney Spears Takes Lighter - Paris Hilton New Boyfriend - Amy Winehouse Monitered

Britney Spears Takes Lighter - Paris Hilton New Boyfriend - Amy Winehouse Monitered - The Golden Compass controversy.

The Golden Compass movie tops ticket sales at the Box Office, despite The Golden Compass controversy it seems that people wanted to find out the truth for themselves as to whether The Golden Compass was controversial or if the whole thing was a hoax.:D

Paris Hilton drops her most recent boyfriend and heads back to Stavros her old boyfriend and Greek shipping heir. There has been a lot of talk about Paris Hilton's most-recent ex being a "pizza delivery boy." Well, at least he has a job and all work is noble in my estimation, so I say it is not fair to make fun of his employment. So rock on pizza delivery people.

Amy Winehouse goes under medical supervision. She has been seen running around early in the morning wearing a bra and jeans...and this is objectionable?:O Like everyone gets dressed to go out and get the paper...right. Amy Winehouse's family says that "she is monitored, carefully every single day." I am assuming that someone goes and checks to see if Amy Winehouse is just wearing a bra.:D

PT Anderson's new movie There Will Be Blood was named best film by the LA Film Critics Association...congrats.

Scott Baio married Renee Sloan...congrats.

And now for the big Britney Spears News...or small Britney Spears News, depending upon your perspective. Britney allegedly took a $2 lighter from a store without paying for it...sigh. I can just imagine how many lighters will be up for auction claiming it was the one Britney Spears walked out with from the store.:D

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