Evel Dick Wins Big Brother 8 - Big Brother 8 2007 - 8-18-2007

Tonight, the Jury, this time including America, cast their votes and Evel Dick emerged as the winner of Big Brother 8. I must say that I saw a different side of Evel Dick tonight as the jury gathered to decide who would carry home the title and prize of $500,000.

He was able to quickly sum up the game and gave biting answers to the jurors questions as they grilled him and Daniele about the finer aspects of the game. Evel Dick had more insight into the game than I had given him credit for, as I watched him compete during the season.

Granted, America had a lot to do with him winning, but I must say that last week during the endurance competition, even though he lost, he won my respect and admiration for his spirit and will.

Evel Dick also managed to stroke just the right egos at the questioning session and I am certain that this helped him to pull off the win.

When asked his plans for the money, Evel Dick said that he plans an around the world trip and I wish him well. I can't say that I admire the way he played the game, but he emerged the winner and that is what counts in the end. I know, I know, coaches all over America say that "it doesn't matter if you win or lose, it is how you play the game," but no one can deny that he will carry home $500,000 and a huge margin of fame. Afterall, Big Brother is a game.;)...play it as you will. No one ever remembers the losers who played well.;)

Congratulations Evel Dick and enjoy the trip.

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