Big Brother 8 USA - Daniele Wins the POV - Jameka and Jessica Remain on the Block

Tonight, Daniele won the HOH and decided not to play it, leaving Jessica and Jameka on the block. Eric, Jessica's friend and advisor and America's housemole, was, in a word, lame. I have to say that when it comes down to crunch time, Eric chokes. Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that America's housemole stinks.

The main treat on tonight's show was a return of Janelle the gorgeous former Big Brother All Star to the show to host the veto competition...she looked stunning as always.

Jessica probably spent most of the week wondering why she didn't put Dick and Daniele on the block. At this stage of the game, alliances fail and it comes down to pairs and Jessica didn't play it very smart by following Eric's advice to leave Dick and Daniele safely off the block.

As I have said all along, blood is thicker than water and that pair should have been split up early on in the game. I can't imagine anyone voting against Jameka since if she remains in the house she still can't compete for HOH, so it is bye-bye Jessica. I must admit that her nominations last week were so lame that she doesn't deserve to win the game. I must also say that America didn't make the wisest strategy choices if they really wanted Jessica to win the game.;)

That leaves Dick, Daniele, Zach, Jameka and Eric left in the house. Zach and Jameka can't compete for HOH and unless Erice suddenly becomes something other than a total loser, Dick and Daniele will hold the power once more in the Big Brother House. The only hope for Zach, Jameka and Eric is if by some miracle Eric finally manages to do something in the house besides being a sneak...doubtful.

As it is, my prediction is that Jessica will go home, and Jameka will stay...the rest is up to Eric...oh boy, I can't say that I am very-confident.

--The Clever Cynic

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