Big Brother 8 USA - 8/6/2007 - Jessica and America's Player, Eric are Evicted

Sadly, Jessica and Eric were evicted from the Big Brother House tonight. The general consensus of the American public proved to be ineffective in planning the strategy that it takes to win Big Brother. The American public didn't do too badly though, considering that this is the same American Public that has members that consider Hillary Clinton to be a viable candidate for the Presidency.;) Electing someone President, "just cause it might be nice to try the female touch in there," isn't exactly a good reason for making a great selection.;) I digress...back to Big Brother8.

Eric didn't do such a bad job either. He managed to work the will of the American Public and only made one bad decision when he chose to overdo it when he tried to get Jessica to ignore Evel Dick and Danielle and nominate Amber and Zach instead. Had Jessica not done something so foolish, I am fairly certain that she and Eric would have won the game...gone happily on their way with the money and made Big Brother babies. Hopefully the babies would look a lot more like Jessica.;) Has anyone besides me noticed that Eric has the flattest head on record? I can't imagine that he owns a mirror and thinks that that hairstyle actually works for him. As Jessica always says..."whatever."

On the bright side for Eric, he did waltz home with $40,000 for accomplisning America's goals while in the house. Congrats Eric.

Tonight's action unfolded quickly in a "fast-forward" episode that was a whirlwind of competition and eviction...and in my opinion, none of it good.:D First, Jessica was evicted. Shortly after that, Evel won HOH in a "before and after" event, where they were to recall the chronology of events in the house.

Following Jessica's untimely eviction, Evel nominated Jameka and Eric. Within minutes they held a POV competition called "Niagra Falls," where the constestants caught green balls to put in a cannister. I am not sure if this was a play on the word Viagra in some cruel jab at Evel...I rather doubt it, but it did involve "iagra," "balls," "falls" "Dick," and a phallic symbol, so who knows...Big Brother can be a bit heartless at times.;)

Zach won the POV and was so grateful that his awkward, socially-inept ass was not on the block, he left the nominations unchanged and Eric went home.

America voted to have Eric try to eliminate Daniele, so apparently America is getting tired of Daniele and Daddy Dick, but it was too little, too late. Eric went home in short order and America's voice was silenced.

The next HOH competition is crucial. Zach is beginning to actually hang tough in competitions, so there is still a slim chance that Zach or Jameka might win. If Zach wins HOH, he might very well win the game and prove himself the hiddem mastermind afterall...only time will tell.

--The Clever Cynic

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