Big Brother 8 USA 8/2/2007 - Zach Wins HOH Nominates Jameka and Daniele

Tonight Zach won the HOH and nominated Jameka and Jessica.

I was not surprised that Zach won the tea-pouring HOH competition. He seemed to start off strong and finished that way, edging out Evel at the end to seize the day. Immediately, everyone in the house became somber as they realized that one of them was going home. Everyone began hoping that it would be Jameka and to my surprise Zach nominated her along with Jessica. I must say that the most-exciting moment in all 8 seasons of Big Brother was seeing Zach's dog in the HOH room.:D

Zach appealed to Dick and Daniele to make a deal that would keep him safe next week. I personally think that Zach made a huge mistake. Jameka may not like him personally, in fact no one in the house seems to be all that crazy about Zach, but she didn't really have an axe to grind against him either. His best bet would have been to nominate Evel and Jessica. Everyone in the house seems to regard Zach as some kind of mastermind, but following his nominations, I am doubting Zach's strategic abilities.

Zach seemed to flounder once he won the HOH. I had expected him to embark upon a campaign of rigorous deal-making and instead he choose to listen to Eric when he suggested Jameka as the best nominee. Zach thought this made sense because he thought that Jameka had done nothing so far in the house. If Zach would have been thinking, he would have realized that he has done about the same amount as Jameka and she is the only one in the house that he could sit next to at the end an hope to win.;)

If Zach had been smart, he would have forged an alliance with Jameka on the grounds that he didn't like the way that Amber had been railroaded out of the house.;) Jameka most-definately has a grudge in this regard and Zach would have been smart to exploit it.

Zach may have a backdoor plan in mind, but his reasoning seemed so ineffective tonight that I seriously doubt he is much of a player. Should Jameka or Daniele win HOH, it might force Zach into a a better position when he is forced to name a replacement nominee. Barring that event, Zach's days are numbered.

On the other hand Evel and Danile might seize a golden-opportunity to get Jessica evicted and leave Jameka in the house for a while longer. The POV is very-cruicial again this week and it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Enjoy the show....

--The Clever Cynic

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