Big Brother 8 - 8/09/2007 - Zach Wins HOH - Nominates Dick and Daniele

Tonight, Zach hung tough and won the HOH competition in the Big Brother House. I immediately began to wonder if indeed Zach was indeed the true "mastermind" in the Big Brother House. In fact, I have wondered this all along. Sure, he comes off as quiet and socially inept, but I haven't forgotten that early on, he seemed to be the strong-silent leader of his allies, Kail, Mike and Nick. Once that fell apart, he managed to remain quietly in the background, biding his time, using Dick and Daniele to do his dirty work as he watched the others fall one-by-one.

When the end game rolled around, he continued to use Evel and Daniele as they forced the others from the house, betraying their alliance with Jessica and Eric and not making any friends along the way. Zach was hardly popular, but I have a feeling that those in the jury house don't exactly have warm-fuzzy memories of either Dick or Daniele.;)

After Zach won HOH, I watched to see if he made the right moves. I expected him to go to Jameka and strike a deal, which he did. I expected him to realize that he needed to nominate Dick and Daniele, and he did.

Daniele and Dick tried their usual line of nonsense. Daniele claimed that she had been the one who had Zach's back throughout the game. The smug little fool tried every trick in the book, but Zach wasn't buying any of it. Evel Dick started talking "we" and Zach, was smart enough to be thinking "me." Evel and Daniele had planed to betray Zach anyway and he was the only one in the game to realize that Evel and Daniele are out for Evel and Daniele. Congrats, Zach for being the only one in the house with any brains. Daniele and Dick called Zach smug and stupid but I really think that is psychological projection. Daniele and Dick are both so smug that they are sickening to watch. Nothing would make me any happier than to imagine the expressions on their faces as they enter the jury house to face the allies that they sold out to get ahead.

Zach wasn't bashful about nominating Evel and Daniele. He used an "in your face" style that made Evel look wimpy. Evel certainly didn't try to bully Zach in the same way he has the others. It is a lot different when the person is a 6'5" man and not a 5'1', 110 pound woman.;)

The one problem that stands is that the outcome depends a lot upon Jameka...sigh. She is hardly a powerhouse and is also not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Big Brother choose a memory wall contest again this time and since Daniele seemed so strong in the last one I almost expected her to win. I also was surprised that Big Brother choose something so similar.;)

Tuesday's live POV competition is HUGE. If either Dick or Daniele win, it is essentially all over but the crime.;) I honestly think that Zach, if he is TRULY a mastermind, should have kept Eric in the house and used the veto. Had he made a deal with Eric and voted out Daniele, he very likely would have won the game. As it is the POV remains a wild card that will be very difficult to keep out of the hands of Evel or Daniele, but I must say that Zach at least finally made a move to take the lead. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

One thing is for Tuesday's show won't be boring.;)

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