Big Brother 8 - 8/21/2007 - USA - Daniele Wins POV - Uses Veto on Amber to Backdoor Jen

Daniele may be the best strategist to ever play Big Brother...sorry Will. Either that, or Daddy Dick spoonfeeds her the strategy--in that case, he is the best strategist ever to play Big Brother.

Tonight, Daniele managed to put Jen on the block through a brilliant, backdoor strategy move that was about the slickest feat in Big Brother history. I calculate the odds of Jen remaining in the game at about 1 : 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Jameka still can't compete for HOH and that will ensure her a spot in the house to the very end. That tiny fraction of hope for Jen is if she is smart enough to turn the tables on Evel and company by creating dissention in their ranks. Surely the others in that alliance could figure out that Daddy Dick and Daniele are an unbreakable pair. Daniele is a TOUGH competitior and if Zach is smart he will try to forge a deal with Jen, Amber and Eric to try to evict Jameka. That is a HUGE, HUGE "IF," hence the mere 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 shot.

Daniele also managed to bring into question Jen's motives for being in the house, hinting that Jen was there from some reason other than the money...I assume fame.

I was actually hoping Amber would be sent packing. I am so sick of her crying that I could BARF, but Amber made a deal with Daniele that pretty much ensured that she and Daniele will be joined at the hip for quite some time. In fact, I am almost wondering if Daniele is hoping that Daddy Dick gets the boot next week, leaving her alongside Amber at the end. Amber has hardly played the game and she would be the perfect person to sit next to at the end. I would have a tough time as a jury member casting my vote for someone who had done nothing but cry and coast through the game. I have to admit that I am pleased that FINALLY someone figured out that the POV is a powerful card and bargaining chip in the game. It took eight seasons but finally someone figured that out...kudos Daniele (or Evel).

Danile not only managed to put Jen on the block and keep her there long enough to vote her out, she also managed to wrangle a PHENOMENAL deal with Amber. Daniele would have settled for not being nominated, in the unlikely event that Amber actually won something, but Amber became gushy and swore that she would pretty much be Daniele's slave for the remainder of the game...way to coast Amber. I definitely do NOT want Amber to help negotiate the deal for my next car.;) She gave away the farm when all it was going to cost was an acre or two...sigh.

The next HOH competition is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE. If Zach ever manages to win something this is the time. If he manages to win HOH he will own the house . He is playing both sides and I haven't counted him out of the game yet. Tonight he claimed to be trying in the competitions and hasn't won anything yet. He may just luck out next time. I doubt Eric will luck out. He seems to have about the worst luck I have ever seen, poor guy....but some miracle could occur and Eric might win HOH. The next show will be VERY interesting.

There you go....way more than you probably care to know about my opinion about BB8...

--The Clever Cynic

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