Big Brother 8 USA 8/30/2007 Amber is Evicted

Tonight America finally has its way with Amber...she was sent packing from the house in a 3-1 much for the "good guys." Amber made a last ditch plea to Eric and Jessica that the "good" people should win the game. Just because you don't agree with someone doesn't make you any more "good" than they are Amber. Finally, we see an end to the constant flow of tears...sigh.

Jessica realized too late that she should have nominated Dick and Daniele. This would have left her in a much better position in the game. Eric managed to manipulate Jessica into doing his dirty work and unless he wins the HOH, Jessica is certain to be on the block.

Jameka still can't compete for HOH, that leaves Eric, Zach, Daniele and Evel to battle out in a night long event where they fill a bowl with tea--one cup at a time. Zach seemed to be holding his own but didn't seem to have a sense of urgency about the competition. If there is a time to win HOH Zach, this is it.;) Zach was able to use just one hand to cover the cup, trapping the tea, leaving the other arm free for balance. It will be interesting to see how his strategy plays out.

--The Clever Cynic

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