Big Brother 8 USA 8/28/2007 - Eric Wins POV

Tonight, Zach gave Jessica a wake-up call. He sagely warned her that should Dick and Daniele remain in the house that their unique bond would make them loyal to each other and leave Jessica venerable and open to eviction next week. Later in the show, Evel confided to Daniele that they indeed needed to send Jessica home so they do pose a very-real threat to Jessica.

During the POV (Power of Veto) competition, Eric played like a madman and managed to edge out the others for the win, leaving him holding the POV and the ability to veto Amber or Zach off the block. Ironically, the competition was to find riddles on hidden rats that bore a remarkable resemblance to Eric and feed them to a cat that wore an expression that was strikingly similar to Evel Dick's whenever he thinks he has done something special (which is tediously most of the time...sigh.;) I am not positive that this was an accident.;)

Eric would be smart to play the POV in return for a favor. This is the first season where the houseguests realize that the POV is a powerful bargaining tool and holding it grants almost as much power being HOH. In fact, Zach appealed to Eric to try to get him to use the veto in a backdoor move that would have allowed Jessica to place Dick or Daniele on the block...essentially the plan I proposed for him in my last article...kudos, Zach for a brilliant-strategic move. Amber tried to work a deal that would keep her in the house, but Americans had wanted her nominated and Eric seemed to want to honor their intent.

Unfortunately, for Eric and Amber anyway, Eric failed to use the power of veto. Eric missed the opportunity to end the most-powerful alliance in the house and gain a promise from I am positive he would keep and fulfill. I am beginning to think that Eric isn't much of a strategist because he failed a golden opportunity and chose to play it "safe" by not using the POV...what a waste...sigh. Vetoing Zach wouldn't have been contrary to America's wishes and I for onw wouldn't have blamed him for looking out for his best interests.

Jessica is not in a good place going into next week's HOH competition. Zach seems to be coming alive and is arguably the best-strategist in the game. My prediction is that Amber will be sent packing and Zach will remain in the house. Dick and Daniele remember that Amber has an axe to grind about Dustin's eviction and I don't think they want her lurking about in the house.

Zach might be in a really-good position should Evel and Daniele win HOH. I have a feeling that they will try to get Daniele evicted, starting a feud that will leave Zach unnoticed. Eric seems set on being in a final four with Jessica, Evel and Jessica. I don't see that happening unless Eric wins HOH next time around. Had Eric played the POV the game would be in the bag for him and Jessica. As it is, the HOH competition next time will be pivotal. Evel considers his alliance to be himself, Daniele, Eric and Jessica. A lot will depend upon whether Zach and Jameka have the guts to endure the endurance test and how it is structured. A LOT about the game is decided by how the events are constructed to favor weight, height, intelligence or agility. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the next HOH.

There you go...way more than you could possibly want to know about my take on Big Brother 8...Enjoy the show.

--The Clever Cynic

--The Clever Cynic

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