Big Brother 8 USA - 8/26/2007 - Jessica Nominates Zach and Amber

Tonight, in a surprise move....well, surprising to me at least, Jessica nominated Zach and Amber. I am not totally sure about Jessica's reasoning on this move, but the choice seems ideal for Eric.;) Both he and Jessica are in a secret alliance with Dick and Daniele and I think Eric has a much stronger alliance with those two than Jessica. Jessica had a stronger alliance going with Zach and Eric and I feel that nominating Zach was a huge mistake on her part.

I have a sneaky feeling that our housemole Eric has been working Jessica to the max and I don't doubt that he is watching out for his best interests. Jen did raise some doubt in Jessica's mind about Eric's honesty following his cheap shot when she left the house that Eric had a girlfriend back home that Jessica didn't know about. As I wrote in my last article, sometimes it is best to just keep your mouth shut. I can't imagine what Eric thought he would gain by slamming Jen on her way out of the house.

Since Jessica is HOH this week, she can't compete next week and that will leave her wide-open for a slam from Dick and Daniele. She also didn't make any friends by nominating Zach and Amber. Her only hope is for Eric to win HOH, but Eric isn't exactly a powerhouse at competitions. If either Dick or Daniele win HOH, their choices for nomination are narrow and the father-daughter bond is tight...Jessica had better have a backdoor strategy in mind.

Jessica managed to pretty much sever her ties with everyone in the house except for Dick, Daniele and Eric. Her only hope is if she has a backdoor plan in mind for Daniele and hopes to put her on the block should she, Zach or Amber win the POV. If Jessica wins the POV she could mirror Danile's brilliant move last week and veto Zach and replace him with Daniele.

The problem with this plan, is that I am not sure that she has this in mind. At the end of the show she indicated that she still has an alliance with Dick and Daniele and doesn't feel the need to eliminate either of them at this my opinion, she has a very-shaky alliance with them at best. A lot depends upon who wins the POV. If the right person wins, and America does not vote to have Eric vote against Amber, things could still go all right for Jessica if she puts Daniele on the block. The best thing that could happen for Jessica is if Amber wins the POV and she is forced to nominate Daniele.:) In fact, that may be her plan and that way her nomination of Daniele seems "forced.";)

In the next POV competition we will find out just how well Zach can play the game. If he manages to win POV, he might well wind up at the very end in the final two.

Tonight's competition was for clothing and it was split boys against girls. The players had to undress under a sudsing machine as they hung the clothing up to dry to unscramble words using the letters sewn to their clothing. I think Big Brother planned this competition long ago in case Nick was still in the house and had still not washed his hair.;)

The next POV competition is crucial. The person who wins the POV will have tremendous power in deciding the outcome of the game, so it ought to be very-interesting to watch.

Tonight, Amber indicated that she would love to be a model...sigh...sigh...sigh. Big Brother was merciless in making fun of her by showing scenes of her in a bikini and stuffing her face. America is the only country on earth where every average-looking woman thinks she should be a model hehe.;)

There you go...way more than you could possibly want to know about my analysis of Big Brother 8...enjoy the show.

--The Clever Cynic

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