Big Brother 8 USA 8/23/2007 - Jen Goes Home, Jessica Wins HOH

In a unanimous vote plus some, Jen was evicted from the Big Brother House. In a Big Brother first, Jen received a penalty vote toward eviction when she broke the rules by eating something other than slop.

Jen also got into a fracas with Evel Dick about his smoking. He is always rudely blowing smoke in her face, and I can't blame her for calling him out about it. She went on to destroy his stash of cigarettes. In a way I think it may have been a last-ditch effort to get him to lose his temper and break the rules...if there are actually still any rules to break.;)

To be honest, I am not sure it made any difference about the slop. Jen was going home anyway and had I been in her shoes I would have had steak, salad, onion rings and a Coke, because as she correctly guessed, it no longer mattered. I can guarantee you that if I had been sure I was going home, I would not be eating any slop, so I have to say that I admire her moxy.;) As she left the house, Eric gave a cheap, parting-shot in the back that they were as glad to see her go as she was to be leaving. I can't say that that scored any points with me and probably cost Eric Jen's vote should he make the final two...not a smart move...sigh. I am also not a big fan of "in the back" parting cheap shots but that may be Eric's style...that and cross dressing. Big Brother did ask Eric tonight about his tendency to don women's clothing and he didn't actually deny that it is a regular event.

Amber and Daniele left the house to compete on a game show in New York City. Big Brother hinted tonight that one of them did well as a contestant and will reveal the results on Sunday night's show. They also asked fans to suggest someone for Eric to try to get nominated for eviction. I am guessing that America will choose Amber again...apparently America hates a crybaby. Had America not been involved, I have a feeling that Jessica would put Evel on the block alongside Daniele, now I am not so sure.

With the American wild card coming into play, it is harder to predict who will be nominated. If Eric presses too hard to keep Evel off the block, Jessica may become suspicious and realize that Eric is in a secret alliance with Evel and Daniele...not a very-smart place to be for Eric to be at this point I might add. Sooner or later Eric had better turn on them or it will be too late. Both Evel and Daniele are tough competitors and I can't see Eric beating either one in a head-to-head match.

If I were Jessica, I would play my own game at this point, ignore Eric, and put Daniele on the block alongside Jameka...the ultimate Big Brother Pawn. Jameka doesn't know it, but losing the ability to compete for HOH was the best strategy move in the game.;) I would be tempted to put Amber on the block because I am so sick of her crying, but I could tolerate the crying for another week to get rid of Daniele, the TOUGHEST competitor in the house. Worst case scenario would be that Daniele would win the POV and then Evel goes up in her place and goes either way. If anyone besides Dick and Daniele still hope to win at this point, they had better break up the relatives ... FAST.

There you go...way more than you could possibly want to know about my assessment of Big Brother, my love of onion rings and my personal take on the game...

--The Clever Cynic

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