So Much Sweetness That My Ovaries Hurt

Warning: do NOT view this video if you are prone toward vomiting. Those with a history of projectile vomiting when they view home video of a doting mother, showing off her VERY-average (and I am being kind here) kid, in a voice that sounds like a nasty mix of cotton candy and pancake syrup, should consult their doctor before viewing. The problem is that you have to watch this video TWICE. On first viewing it seems sickening, but innocent enough. Upon closer examination you realize that Austin saves the day when he realizes that the mother is so into herself and her reproductive feats that she is allowing the baby to drown in its own vomit. The child probably got sick as a result of having to participate in the filming of this video. I have always felt that it was my duty to spread my seed freely so that the world is not populated solely by people who are unable to figure out the instructions on a package of condoms. However, this video, for a brief moment, made me consider having a vasectomy...for a BRIEF there is still hope for some. ;)

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