Kathy Griffin's Reality Television Show To Debut...

Kathy Griffin's reality show (see EVERYONE really does have one these days...sigh) is set to debut this year. What does this picture have to do with her show? Well I will tell you.....IN GREAT DETAIL (hehe).
Well, about a month ago. I do plan ahead you know, I wrote to Kathy Griffin, via the "Ask Kathy" E-mail link on her very-own domain (yawn) and asked NICELY (as hard as that is to believe) if she could E-mail me a publicity photo for this fine and entertaining blog. I even went so far as to lie and say she looked good in jeans and I was a huge fan and that the review would be positive and complimentary in nature. (which is is :)...I am actually being nice). I would have been much nicer but oh well.
Well, here it is a month later and she was either too lazy to send one, she didn't want to send one (the coward)...here you have a comedian KNOWN for her fearless commentary about all things celebrity and she is apparently afraid to send me her photo,muhahah. ( I love it), or they "forgot," or they simply didn't give a rat's ass that I was willing to admit that I am a fan of the show just for her overly-retouched photo. So I was forced to find free clip art that was as close as I could come to an actual representation. Comedians love Improv right?
Well, I write a lot about all things Reality Television so I felt I owed it to my readers to point out that sometime this year her show will have a third run. I was feeling too lazy though to look up the particulars or I would post the date, time and network or post a link. I am sure it was sometime this year though.
It was actually more fun that she didn't send the photo.:) Kind of like Lindsay Lohan is probably wishing she had gotten all the cool publicity Paris is getting by going to jail instead of getting off with a pat on the wrist...er rehab;)

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