The Clever Cynic: Reality Television Breaking News--Dancing with the Stars

Those who have read The Clever Cynic before know that I am a huge proponent of free speech. I NORMALLY defend anyone's right to express their opinion. This, however, is an unusual circumstance. Bruno, one of the judges on dancing with the stars, declared that Billy Ray's performance was "crap."

I have competed in many arenas...and I feel that every participant if they give it their all deserves undeniable respect for competing.

I feel that Billy Ray Cyrus has made an effort to improve...he has made a determined effort to compete and he deserves a LOT more than a rude comment from one of the judges. I believe that every competitor deserves at least a "good game," or "good show," comment even if they lose.

If you agree, you still have time to vote:

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--The Clever Cynic,

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