The Clever Cynic: How to Improve Your Blog

<---you making your stupid menu....
<---me running away from your website as fast as I can go...
Some web designers have me confused with some idiot who is willing to invest five full minutes learning their whizzbang flash menu system. I will click off your site faster than women turn you down if your menu messes with my mind. I am there for a purpose--to grab info or to find stuff to annoy people...not to be impressed with your geekiness.

So here is your tip *(you knew I would get to the tip eventually right? I was just making you wade all the first part to be flashy and show you what a pain in tbe butt I can be...just like your stupid menu...see how annoying it is???): JUST MAKE A MENU.....that WORKS.

--The Clever Cynic,

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